Trying (but failing) to lay

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    Aug 9, 2010
    My four one-year-old red sex links have faithfully laid one egg each day for about 9 months. Then it was 3 eggs a day. Then it was two. I started wondering if they were eating their eggs, and if so, which one was doing it. So I separated all four of them for two days, and 3 of them laid eggs just fine. The fourth didn't, so I figured she either laid it and ate it, or else just isn't laying.

    So I put a "chicken diaper" on her. In the late afternoon I went out there, and she had pooped a whole lot, but no egg. So I'm thinking that she just isn't laying.

    So the other day I let the chickens out into the yard and she was still in the coop. She was in a nesting box and making the very low, almost purring noise that they make when they're in the process of laying. So I just left her in the coop. Well, she never did lay, and now I'm wondering if she simply can't, or thinks she is when she isn't. She doesn't feel or look different (not egg-bound). She doesn't act broody. I feed all of my girls the same food, same free-ranging, yet for some reason she is the only one not laying. Any ideas?!?

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