Trying one more time, EE roo, free to good home. Local only.

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    Hi all,
    I'm offering up one of my roos that have been raised from hatching on 6/13/09.He has been handraised from birth and he is non people aggresive other than my BO/EE cross that has tried to ambush me and no one else. He isn't agressive to anyone other than myself and the only reason because of that is because I've had to break up fights between he and the other roo who have been living together since birth and now have had something in thier little brains go off and now they want to kill each other. [​IMG]

    Buddy is huge, about 2 and a half foot tall, and is a blonde version of an EE/BO cross mostly. He only gets anxious if you don't give out the food fast enough, (and that's when he tries to flog me and I spend 20 minutes chasing him around showing him who's boss.)
    He is a good protector and is fertile, but with the tension we have going on, as a flock provider, I can't train him right now. My Momma passed on Dec 16th and now with this new agression the roo's are showing to each other, I can't handle them both.

    Both have been treated for thier wounds and are healing nicely. If you would like pics, please let me know and I'll be happy to provide the pics.

    Thank you for looking and all I'm looking for is a happy home for Buddy.

    If you want him, please just click BIN. I'm not looking for any money for him.

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