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  1. saildog

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    May 8, 2012
    I have a flock of 11 hens - I have removed the roo as they all seem afraid of him.

    I want to put this flock into the coop which has 2 roos and 15 hens so that I can deep clean and leave vacant the one coop for several months.
    One flock is 3 yrs old - with the 2 roos 9 total of about 15 , and the other flock has a few of the 3 yr olds ( that opted to move there ) and is mostly 2 yrs olds, total of about 11.
    The 2 flocks do NOT hang out together during the daytime at all. They all free range but stay on opposite sides of the property.

    I know the whole put them in at night plan and will do that, but would it help to remove the 2 roos for a few days as well?

    I also have a coop of 1 yr olds with 2 roos in it. I could move the 2 yr olds into that coop and wonder if that would be better as they would be the newcomers but the older ones, so maybe that would help to balance out the who is dominant factor.
    Any thoughts?

    Basically I have 3 coops , 3 yr olds, 2 yr olds and 1 yr olds and want to combine 2 groups , so that one coop is vacant and can be cleaned and sterilized out each year.

    Any thoughts ?
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    Sep 4, 2013
    Lower Alabama
    What I do is just throw them all together and call it a day.
    Best scenerio is since they are used to seeing each other it will be an unventful event.
    Worst scenerio is they will all flog & squawk each other off & own for an hour or so then get on with their lives.
    In my experience they will maintain their own 2 sub-flocks in the main pen and it takes about 2 months before they all start working together as a single group.

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