Trying to convince hubby we need a rooster

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MeatKing, May 23, 2010.

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    So he says no way, there loud, aggresive and make babies.

    I say were in the country, are nighbours have livestalk so noise should not be a problem. Besides that were getting turkerys ren't they loud?

    Agrresive, while their in a penned run, so it can't hurt the kids.

    Make babies, save us a pile of cash, mabey make some cash..

    I need to know some other pros to help my cause, any ideas?
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    Well, it's not really a pro, but you could always assure him that if you TRY a rooster and he doesn't work out for any reason, that you'll take responsibility for rehoming it or processing it; it won't be his problem. And set a two months maybe. Tell your husband that roosters don't have to mean chicks either, since eating fertilized eggs is no different from eating nonfertilized eggs...
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    Roosters get a bad rap- it depends on the breed, my first roo was mean and eventually ended up in the freezer- the roo i have now is a brahma, never aggressive and the girls adore him- looks like highschool girls following a popular guy... so if you want a good experience with a roo, 3 breeds i'd recommend are cochin, favorole or brahma- they are docile breeds and will protect your girls. As far as fertile eggs, just because they are fertile doesn't mean much- depends on your outlook, they are eatable, or you could sell them as hatching eggs...[​IMG]
  4. michickenwrangler

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    Get a cochin roo. The one we have was my husband's idea!! He fell in love with one, found one on CL and got him.

    You will learn to sleep through a rooster crowing. Because DH is so outnumbered by women (me and DD, the hens, the dog is female and the horse is a mare) he actually likes having another male around. He named him and enjoys just hanging out by the fence talking to "his" rooster. Remind him that the rooster is a typical man: protective of his women, likes to strut and also helps to keep all the cackling biddies in line.

    They are also a lot prettier than hens and if you get a good-lookin' rooster, visitors will be far more interested in him than bland, non-descript look-alike hens. Makes for good conversation.
  5. redhen

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    My advice is to go and buy a roo if you want one...
    You shouldnt have to make up all these reasons for your husband.. you're an adult. [​IMG]
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    I loved having a roo for the time I had him. He was a RIR and he was very good with the girls and stayed away from the kids. I was worried about it being mean since we have little ones around all the time. I mainly got him for the protection and to keep the girls together. This worked well. I came home one day to all my chickens and no roo [​IMG] but at least it worked. They free range all day.

    My kids all wanted babbies too. Although that is when I realized I might have made a mistake. So I explained what would happen when the roo jumped the girls so they wouldn't think he was hurting them.....We'll the next thing I know every time he got near one of the hens they would start cheering "get on her! get on her!" After a short talk on apropreate talk about such things....It is all good now.

    And now have some very cute baby chicks and this kids are excited about it....Well, I am too :0 I couldn't work for two days knowing they were due to hatch.

    Anyway if I had someone who would give me a new roo I would take it. I haven't found any so I 'll have to keep a few from this batch of chicks I guess.

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