trying to diagnose leg injury

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    Dec 16, 2008
    This morning my austrolorp pullet cant seem to stand or walk right. She does not seem sick at all but cant seem to put weight on her left leg. She has been living with my other 9 week olds in a small 4 foot high coop so not likely that she had a fall.
    I cant tell what the problem is though. I have been reading through posts (so many of them) but dont know what exactly to look for. I am actually thinking about calling the vet. She is eating and drinking fine, no other symptoms. and seems happy. I have separated her. and am going to continue searching for solutions.

    Do people find vets helpful in this situation? I know it is gonna cost me over $100 and I said no vets but I really like her and she is my only one.

    Now this is when I really wish there was some knowledgeable chicken folk around me, it is probably something simple that I am missing. I wonder if I took a videoo if anyone would be able to tell.....

    I just got a call, my meaties just arrived at the post office, so today is going to be a very busy day. any suggestions or tips would be helpful. I will try to post a video on her later.

  2. Have you examined the leg/foot for any wounds?

    And I found taking my chicken to the vet very helpful, very expensive, but very helpful.

    Wish I was done with school! I'm going to be a poultry vet and I'd be more help.

    Good luck!

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