trying to do a chicken train from mi to wv for dd

mom wewantchicks!

11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
i have finally found some silklies for my daughter for 4h. problem is they are going to be in mi and im in wv. i do this with a dog rescue so we can get dogs from place to place and thought id see if i could get anyone to help me with the chickens. trying to get them from lansing mi,area to wv. if i can get 8-10 people to do a few hours apiece theyd be here in no time flat. gotta kinda hurry,i had a friend lined up to do the entire drive then we realized he had to leave to early to get the chicks for me. so premiersilkies will be in that area tomorrow evening. i will check this every half hour or so to see if anyone is interested. thanks!
Good luck! I believe it has been done before. Maybe post in your state's thread, and the states in between? Couldn't hurt

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