Trying to figure out my chicken math

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    I have a coop that is about 6x3 feet, and it has 2 nest boxes, but I could add more if need be. The run is about four times that. So, how many standard sized laying chickens can I keep in there safely( I definately don't want them to be stressed out) Also, I plan to let them free-range occasionally when I'm home. Thanks so much for any help!
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    Four standard size. Planing on having a run for them? The general rule on this site in space for chickens, is four square feet per chicken in the coop and ten square feet per chicken in the run.
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    You can keep 5 large fowl in there using the 4 sq. ft. rule. That's close enough. The current run will handle 7 large breed chickens fine. Now if your birds aren't going to be cooped due to cold in the winter, you are just fine and can coop 7 large fowl in your coop as long as they have access to the run. Shut them in at night to prevent predators
    . If they need to need cooped for days due to weather, then you need to add additional room to the coop only for 7 chickens to live in there. 7x4=32, so you need 32 sq. ft. in the coop. 30 sf. will do if that is easier math for the build.
    Karen. 2 nest boxes is fine for 7 birds.
    ------- One thing you can do if enlargng the coop is consider an "L" shaped coop. There is a nice one shown in the "Medium" coops section of the "Coops" gallery on BYC. That will eliminate you having to tear out any walls on the coop you have now.
    Use 2 quan. 3x6 coops placed in an "L" pattern, both facing the run.
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