Trying to figure out organic vs regular feeds

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by minpinmama, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. minpinmama

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    Dec 24, 2010
    Went to buy my first bag of chick started the other day and was totally floored that organic feed is double
    normal food. I knew it would cost more but double?
    What do you all feed and why?
    My choice to feed organic was this, if I am going to eat their eggs and maybe butcher future offspring for meat
    then I am going to be eating what they eat. I wanted no pesticides, now GMO's.
    I'm even thinking about maybe making and mixing my own organic feed however it will be a while
    as I've much research to do on that matter.
    Would love to hear about what and why you feed your chickens what you do.
  2. mcho717

    mcho717 Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 4, 2011
    Jersey Shore
    i just go standard feed. there's so little oversite with organic pet foods.

    however, I also give them the same fruits and veggies I eat.
  3. Cindy in PA

    Cindy in PA Overrun With Chickens

    Jul 8, 2008
    Fleetwood, PA
    Where do you get this information? I prefer organic, but have used both. My organic if bought at a feed store would be about $25/organic to $16/ regular. It is a personal choice, that only you can make. Reading about Scott's Miracle Gro putting the wrong pesticide in wild bird feed makes me leery of the regular stuff. There are no guarantees on anything, but saying there are no rules for organic animal feed is stretching it. Organic has had it's ups and downs since the government got involved, you just have to research your company as best you can. I use a local transitional no soy feed & I have to believe the farmer when I ask him questions. Good luck.
  4. Aschenfire

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    Feb 8, 2012
    I feed Coyote Creek organic food. It is grown and milled locally, and I feel the extra cost is worth it

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