Trying to figure out what kind of duck this is... Ideas?


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Apr 23, 2012
This duck showed up at my fire station and I ended up taking it in and keeping it with my flock of chickens. We led it back to a pond about fifty-eleven times but it kept coming back and set up camp at the back door. It seems healthy, I just don't know what it is. It gets along great with my 35 chickens and they've lived together well for about a month now. I think it thinks it's a chicken. It keeps trying to roost on things but unfortunately it always falls off. Guess its not built for roosting
. Anyway, any help figuring out what breed and maybe even sex would be appreciated! Thanks!

P.S. It's name is Noodles.

That's about what I had figured too. He/She does have a good safe home now though, and is pretty spoiled

another photo
Looks almost buff and cayuga!!! Its got buff markings with the white coloring of a pekin and the cayuga black coloring (not the green ones).
I think you have a buff/pekin/cayuga mix!!! That;s my bet!!! Sucha cute duck!!!!
Enjoy it and thanks for giving it a loving , beautiful home!!
Makes sense.. just a stab in the dark. He/she has a good home nonetheless. Hopefully soon I can figure out what sex it is
Looks to be a mutt of some sort! Very pretty though and if my eyes aren't lying to me it LOOKS like it has a drake feather, so I am going to go with it's a boy, which is sort of bad news if it is, because you will have to more then likely separate him from your hens come next year when breeding season comes around

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