Trying to find the best chicken breed for our family, help!!!

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  1. Caladrius

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    Oct 20, 2016
    I am trying to find the best breed possible for my family, and I need some help. I put a list of characteristics this breed would need.

    1.) something with at least some heat tolerance

    2.) a good egg layer

    3.) something that is laid-back/calm(like an Orpington)
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    You can go through these breed selectors to try to narrow it down, but your last two criteria are going to depend a lot on the individual chicken as much if not more than breed. Still, looking for a docile breed that takes confinement well is probably your best bet.

    Breed Selectors

    Another option is to go through Henderson’s Breed Chart to see the characteristics they guess at, then go to Feathersite to look at photos.

    Henderson’s Breed Chart

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