Trying To Finish A New Coop And Run Before It Gets Too Cold

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    My son and I are feverishly working to complete a 32' long enclosure for our chickens and doves. The dimensions are 22' L x 9' W x 7' H for the covered run that has two levels, which joins a 10' L x 10' W x 7.5' H coop with window and doors on two walls. I can't wait to finish to post photos. The fenced in covered 'run' is finished - it has multiple perching bars, two levels, a manger to keep hay & straw in, nesting buckets for the doves, a raised feeding platform, multiple water troughs, and more. The coop will have bars near the ceiling for thedoves and a small door at the roof level for the doves to exit and return through. It will have two full walls of nesting boxes and some lower bars for the chickens who like to perch. We have already completed a smaller 'house' for our 20 - 30 pound composite chickens, which is attached to the outside of the covered run...these chickens were so large at 2 months old we had to separate them from the others - they are our only truly free range chickens because they are big enough to scare any predator away. :)
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    Why wait to post pics? Most everyone like to see works in progress :)
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    What are composite chickens? I want to see pic of those! lol

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