Trying to get backyard chickens legal in Plano, TX


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Jun 8, 2009
Hey everybody,

My boyfriend and I moved to Plano (directly north of Dallas, TX) in March of this year, to a house of our own with a lovely backyard where we've started a garden. We decided that keeping chickens our backyard as well would be a great idea, but shortly after beginning my research I discovered that while keeping chickens is legal in Fort Worth and Dallas, it is not in Plano. That seemed odd to me, as in Plano it's common to drive by a mall or hospital in one lot only to see a bunch of cows, horses, or even bison populating the next. It doesn't make sense, in my eyes, that "urban chickens" are not allowed here.

So I've been researching the backyard chicken movement as much as I can, and wrote to the city council with a list of reasons why keeping chickens is smart, ethical, and useful. One member wrote back to me the next day that mine was the forth inquiry she'd received on the subject in the past six weeks. So who knows? Maybe the regulations can be changed for Plano eventually.

I found BackyardChickens as part of my research, and was amazed by the number of people involved here and the wealth of information they I decided to sign on, myself. Hopefully someday I'll be able to show off my chickens as well. Until then, I'll probably mostly lurk, unless other people have tips about things I should be doing to change the minds of a certain governing body (I've already ordered my copy of the Mad City Chickens DVD, and might send them one as well if it turns out to be good!)

But for now-- Howdy! Good to meet you.
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I hope they do change their minds. We live in NE Dallas and just got chicks last week. We've had a million people question us on how legal it is. There is lots of helpful information here for your research.
Just wondering if you got any additional information on raising chickens in plano, TX?

I would really love to start this but want to follow the rules and everything I have found
said that they are still illegal to raise.

Hello and welcome to BYC! Hope you win them over and get to keep some chickens

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