Trying to hatch out Rouen ducks


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6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
I have a pair of Rouens and an incubator, I would like to try and raise some ducklings. What is my first step w the eggs? Do I keep them in the fridge until I have enough to incubate or do I keep them on the counter?
Keep them on the counter, don't wash them, write the date they were laid in pencil on the fat end or air cell end, and don't wait more than 10 days to incubate them as the hatch rate will go down the longer you wait.
Happy Hatching!
Any more advice I have collected 6 in 6 days and I am ready to set up the incubator tomorrow
Yep, you'll want the incubator set up and running a day or two before you set to make sure you have the temperature consistent and the humidity at the right percentage. Otherwise just read up on anything else you may need and try to have patience. 28 days takes FOREVER!

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