Trying to help baby mourning dove, help!!


Aug 1, 2016
Hi guys, my fiancé and I were venturing around a local canal when we happened on to this cutie. We checked the area for a nest and didn't find one, and to our dismay we found another who didn't make it... Unfortunately.
We figured we'd continue on our venture and come back to check on the little guy.
Still no adult sight and he was sitting there chirping away. He looks young, and dirtied up... So we went and grabbed a box and stuffed it with pine needles and other foliage from the area and put the little guy in there.
We've had him for two days now and have been feeding him hi protien baby formula, which he seems to be enjoying. And put Finch bird feed throughout the cage he's in.
My question is, we've been trying our best to clean him, and he does ruffle up and fluff himself at times but he still manages to get feed and formula all over him.
We're also not sure how old he is.
We've had him for 2 days now.
I just tried to call the local shelters and rescues and none will take him in. :(

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
I did the same with a baby pigeon, but I fed jarred human baby food of chicken mixed with water. Anyway, he started eating the seeds on his own. I just wiped his front and face with a warm damp washcloth and put him back in his warm box with dry towel as bed and didnt worry too much how clean he was. I guess he cleaned himself up because I dont remember him ever being particularly dirty at all. (Even though I wondered if he spilled more than he ate)
Also, I fed him by stretching a baggie held in place by a rubber band over a syringe with no end. Poked a hole in bag and he stuck his whole beak in there. The more water, the better,I think, maybe 60% water. This way, it was easy to use new plastic wrap each time, threw old away. Stayed clean. Keep him warm.
Thank you very much for your response.
After much research, I've given both the formula and the yolk from a hard boiled egg (mixed with warm water to thin it out a little bit). I use a baby bottle nipple to feed him, much easier than the process I used before. Clean up is easier. He's made it to anther day...

And he seems content.

After many calls, I've finally found a place that would take him in who have specialized bird rehabilitators. Humane society told me to call animal control, and animal control were upfront with me and told me he'd be put to sleep. I couldn't bare the thought. Tomorrow he will be in his new home, getting cared for properly.


Here he is after breakfast.
Great job for helping this little guy. I am sure he would be a snack for a cat or something if you left him there.

Sounds like you were doing an excellent job of looking after him.

I hope he does well in his new home....

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