Trying to identify 3 of our chickens.


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May 15, 2012
I bought 3 hens off of Craigslist. (learning learning) He said they were Araucana's. After researching that breed, they look like a mix to me. The black hen isn't laying at all. She's skittish and doesn't seem to understand where food and water come from. The other two that we bought her with have adapted very well. I pictured them coming from a huge free range chicken farm where the roosters pecked them incessantly. When we first let them out, they ran and fluttered all over the place as if they were abused and afraid of humans. After only one week, I can walk in the coop and they don't run off.

The two Araucana's that have laid eggs, the colors are light pink/brown and green. I thought he said the black one would lay blue eggs, but so far, nothing. Also, I have never seen her in a nesting box, where I have with all the others.

Any ideas on why she may not be laying and the rest are? Should I remove her from the flock for a while and give special attention to her?

Thank you!
very pretty ee's...shes probably still stressed out from the new housing ive read it can take a month or so before they start laying again once they have been re-homed
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