trying to save this please!


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Sep 15, 2010
Ozawkie, KS
I am trying to save one of the very few chukar I have left. Here is the story.

I came out yesterday morning to feed & water the Chukar they looked healthy as heck. Came back to check on there feed an water at noon as I always do. I had three dead one gone and one almost dead. It has no feathers on its back or neck and has a spot on its neck where it looks like the others had been pecking.
After further inspection of the dead I had noticed the very same thing happened to them I have one I am tring to save, but not sire I can. He has his head all swelled up and one eye closed. After about an hour away for the others who have ecaped and diapeared because I by accident bumped the door open. The one I am tring to save stood up an looked for some water and he found it. Sould I let it feed or give it a few more hours?

Any advice from you chukar pro's

Here is a short clip of the bird


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Was there a predator involved? I am not a chukar owner but as a bird owner, I would isolate the injured one, keep it warm, offer is lots of food and water and perhaps put vitamins, gatorade or some other electrolyte in its water. Does it have wounds? If so, clean the wounds with warm water and a watered down iodine solution. Most importantly, keep it isolated from others and warm. Perhaps in a darkened quiet place and let it rest. Sure sounds like you have a predator of some sort. Good luck.
It has no feathers on its back or neck. It does have some wounds on the back of its neck.
I really doubt it was a predator there was no way it could jave gotten inside the shed where they were, but I guess its possiable.
The consern I have is the constant twitching of its head.
Sadly he wasnt strong enough to stay with us any longer.

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