Trying to sort out my 4 week old rare breed assortment


May 2, 2015
I received 5 chicks from Meyer Hatchery about 3 1/2 weeks ago--their rare breed assortment. They are all supposed to be female (fingers crossed--rooster position has been filled here!) I've figured out that one is a Buckeye, and at least 2 (and maybe a 3rd) are Delawares. But I'd love some help figuring out the deal with my black chick. And my 3rd potential Delaware is now half the size of the other two. So I'm not sure if she's something else entirely...

Please help if you can!! Thanks!!

The black one looks le either a black australorp or a black jersey giant. I could be wrong though. I got chicks from there to but under the leanns adopt me bargain basically the same thing but mines straight run.
Are Olive Eggers a part of the rare breed assortment?

What color are the bottoms of the feet on those two black ones?

Also, I got 2 delawares from MPC about 7 weeks ago, and 1 was half the size of the other. She is working on catching up in size, but they both are healthy and I think female ;)
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The black one is probably an Australorp. The white chicks with black neck feathers are probably Delawares or Columbian Rocks.
Thanks to you all for your input!

I keep thinking Black Australorp too...but it really shouldn't be since that isn't one of Meyer's "rare" breeds. Black Orpington would be a possibility and Jersey Giant is on the list.

@suliah Meyer has Easter Eggers on their rare breed list, so I would guess that Olive Egger could be a possibility. Good know that you had a Delaware size difference, so maybe that's what's happening there. Although I've noticed that the little one has duller, ~greener~ legs than the 2 big ones. I've uploaded a pic but I don't know that it really captures the difference...

I've also uploaded a pic of the black one's feet (actually just a foot--she's a cooperative poser!) @junebuggena Yellow...Jersey Giant?
Your white ones in that pic both look like delawares to me, but you're right I can't see the difference in the leg color.

And now I'm going to go look at the bottoms of the feet of my olive eggers to see what color they are! Lol. As chicks they looked just like yours though, that's why I asked.
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