Trying to understand Curious's(sp) behavior

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Gersbud, May 31, 2008.

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    Apr 25, 2007
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    [​IMG] I have a red sex link named Curious(Sorry spelling is bad this morning) She has a rather large coup with about 20 other hens. Every moring I let them out within an hour Curious is out of the pen. She just will not stay in. Well recently I have found that she has a special place where she like to lay her eggs. I found 14 eggs yesterday in the middle of a patch of raspberries. She was laying in the nesting boxes but for unknown reasons she has decided that she wants the raspberries. How do you get her to lay in the nesting boxes again? None of the other hens do this. But it has started since my Little Rudy the roo passed [​IMG] and a new one was introduced. Does she not like her new roo? He is a standard size while Rudy was a banty. Oh all the hens are standard size too. Just trying to understand
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    first, I thought sex links were standards, but that doesn;t matter. Put something where she likes to lay, so she can;t lay there anymore. Put golfballs in the nesting boxes, b/c hens like to lay where there are other eggs, she will think the golfballs are eggs. Is she being pickes on by the other hens? this could make her try to stay away from them. Ohter than that, I dunno.
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    You'll have to retrain her to lay in the nest box unless you wanna play scavenger hunt all the time.
    Close off the berry patch.
    I have to agree with miss_thenorth too. Something might be bothering her about the nest boxes and I'd find out what that could be.
    Is anyone else laying in the berries?

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