TSC Bantam's genders and help with a mystery cockerel


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Oct 29, 2011
Proctor, Arkansas
I have some Bantams and I'm afraid that all but two are cockerels. These little guys are 10 weeks old. I think these are their breeds and genders. I'd love to be wrong and have more pullets then I think I do. Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Silkie and Porcelian d'Uccle,
both cockerals?

OEG pullet, OEG self blue Cockerel? The same D'uccle from he last picture.

RIR pullet on the right?

2 RIR Cockerels? and the mystery breed black cockerel. I know he is a cockerel cause he is crowing already.

A second shot of the Mysterey Cockerel and a top view of one of the RIRs and the self blue. I don't know what the black one is but he is a beauty. He has blue, gree and purple highlights on his feathers and is now getting bits of coppery red feathers. he has 4 toes, feathered feet, black skin, dark red wattles, a purple comb and a small crest.

The OEG pullett? nest to one of the RIR Cockerels?
I agree with all your guesses except for OEG self blue, could you get a better picture for me? and your mystery bird looks like a mix.
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Here are some better pictures. I would love to have more pullets, but the tail length, and the size had me thinking cockerel on the self blue.

One with the OEG to show size difference.

OEG by herself
Sorry, now that I see the tail feathers, comb, and wattles better I think it's a cockerel :-( and your OEG pullet might be a bantam.
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Thanks, I was hoping for at least one more pullet. They are all supposed to be bantams. The brown OEG is the smallest of them but she is fierce.
When they were less then two weeks old I had to seperate her and put her with my 3 week old Dorking chicks because she was pecking the toes of the others till they bled. The Dorkings settled her down and I was later able to combine both flocks for a while.

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