TSC dangers (ducklings)


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
So, my sister and I needed to go to TSC and when we walked in our steps just happened towards the chick and duckling section. But...... All the chicks had been bought and all that was left were about a dozen and a half adorable ducklings. We stopped to admire them and one of the workers informed us that they would be getting a new batch in tomorrow and that they were trying to get rid of these therefore they were........ 50 cents!!!!!!!! I came home with four of the darlings. Which now brings me to my question.
TSC said they were all Pekins, I say that they most definitely are not!! But I am not sure exactly what they are. Can anyone help?

Here are all of them. (warning there will be alot of pictures=) Next are each of them individually, I thought they were different kind of ducks until I had them stand up and walk around, now I am leaning towards runner ducks.

This is Uno, you can't quite tell in the picture but he is more of a light brown color all over.

Dos, he has quite a dark spot on his head, more defined in real life.

And here is Tres one of the smaller two.

Last but not least, the smallest duckling Cuatro. I am not Spanish i just thought that those would be easy but cute names till they grow up and have more personalities.

So, What do you all think?
Thanks in advance, ~Chs
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