TSC - getting meaters tomorrow

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8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
anything I need to know about those types of birds b4 getting them??

a few questions:

1. do I need to keep them seperate from the others?
2. Do I feed them differently?
3. When can you butcher them?

AND; ANY chick; can I bring home in the next few days to put in w/my week old chicks tomorrow??
Your getting meaties? (broilers)

1. Yes you will need to keep them separate. They will push the others away from the food and step on them.
2. I fed mine the same, starter until processing date.
3. Depending on what breed you are getting. Cornish should be done at about 9 weeks old.

If you bring home another chick (say from the feed store) if you put it with your other chicks you risk giving them any diseases.

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