TSC Look what I got


12 Years
Apr 21, 2007
SW Florida
As you may already know Tractor Supply is having chicks this year. I knew this yet I went there anyway. I said I'm am strong and will not buy more chicks but a little look wouldn't hurt. Well I guess I'm not that strong. They had these little bantams and some of them were silkies. The others I belive to be cochins and they were soooo cute.


The ones in the basket are sikies the other one I think is a partridge cochin.

I think these are barred and mottled cochins.
That one that you think is a partridge cochin may be a brahma. We got some that we thought were cochins and after comparing them to mcmurray pictures of chicks, it looks like brahmas.

(Okay, so I just went to look at MMM and they are down. Sorry!)
You maybe right about the one being a brahma. I went to feathersite and it does look like one. Anyway it is very cute.
Sooooo glad I don't have a TSC anywhere near here. I would take the entire stock home with me. Then the chicks and I would both be looking for another home!
yes TSC has chicks for the 1st time in 3yrs.an my local TSC is selling out as fast as they get emm.im on the list to get some pullets either wed or thurs of this weekhere they sell out in a days time of 200 pullets an straight runs.

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