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    We have both a Rural King about 20 miles one way and a TSC 20 miles another. Both have now had baby chicks. With Rural King as soon as you walked in the door you knew they were there. They smelled a bit and were very very load. Lots of chirping.
    Now TSC has chicks (2 visits a week apart). Very little noise. They are closer to the doors but you do not hear them right away. Very quiet little chirps.

    So....is the difference because of the heat lamps being closer at the TSC? The metal water tanks rather then the black rubermaid type? Just better upkeep? All had fresh water and feed. Am I missing something else?
    My daughter was very unhappy with the idea of chicks after seeing them at Rural King but happier over the idea after seeing them at TSC.
    So my main question is, are unhappy chicks noisier? Is this one way to gage how well they are doing?
    Daughter even made a comment about how much better the ones at TSC looked......

    ETA.... our chicks I hope will be here tomorrow.
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    I don't know that I agree with loudness necessarily being an indicator of health. My chicks get louder when they're in eating mode or play mode. Sometimes, when just milling around or if they're sleepy, they're very quiet.

    I WOULD say, though, that if a young person notices a difference...there probably IS a difference for WHATEVER reason.
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    Mine get loud when they are playing, or when they are complaining about something like they ran out of oatmeal, ran out of water once, when they get cold, or if it's dark and they don't like it.

    I would think that very young chicks would be loud mostly if they were cold, since it's unlikely that they are playing much, or running out of treats, and you said that they had fresh water.

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