Tulsa Roosters


7 Years
Jun 10, 2012
I live in the Tulsa area and have raised backyard chickens for over 4 years. I currently have two Silver spangled hamburg roosters looking for a loving forever home.

-Purebred hatch-lings (eggs from The Gypsy Hen)
-Hatched on April 26, 2016

A little more about the Silver Spangled Hamburg breed
"The Silver Spangled Hamburg is actually an ancient breed possibly originating in the Mediterranean, but bred in the 16th-17th centuries in Holland. The hamburgs, although small, made a name for themselves, and I soon discovered why. In addition to being economical, efficient with feed, and hardy, they are, most notably, a prolific layer of white eggs and will continue laying very well even as they age.
The hamburgs are often described as flighty and birds which do not withstand confinement well, but I have found the breed to be very hardy despite whatever the conditions and to also fair well in a mixed flock despite their smaller size. They can also be scrappy birds which are efficient with feed and which will eat vegetable scraps and other garden cuttings that don't interest the rest of the flock. The Silver Spangled Hamburgs are a delightful addition to a flock." -The Gypsy Hen

Please private message me if you are interested!

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