Turbo's step dad getting frisky???

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by zook, Nov 29, 2013.

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    Sep 21, 2013
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    Well I was away for alot of yesterday and noticed while I was giving the rabbit some carrots this morning that my white drake who is 19 weeks had a young duck (we got her the same time as him) pinned. There are some feathers in their coop on the ground, so one of the 2 white girls are either loosing them and having them pulled out by the drake. I watched him chase her down and push her down with his body. It was only her struggles to escape that prevented me from seeing if it would have went further. He singled out only that duck from what I saw. Not sure if he was dominating her for some reason. He is the boss in his group and always eats first.They generally lay together in a group about 3-4 foot circle so they rest in close contact. My other thought was he was interested in breeding and trying out the ropes. If so its very strange. They have had the enclosure change this month. One illness among them when Turbo's mom died. All are healthy now it seems. And its very cold here this year. Very unusual here as its normally very temperate in winter. I feel like I'm still living in Ontario. Its like -14C with windchill today but granted they can't feel that as their coop is draft free. Any thoughts. Oh nobody is laying.
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    I think he's testing the waters, my youngest is 6 months old yesterday, and he has been chasing some of his girls around actually had one of his hatch mates pinned but goose patrol broke it up before anything happened. Mating between ducks is pretty rough so don't get to upset about what you see unless he is out right attacking one of the girls. The are pretty rough on the girls but it's very natural. [​IMG]

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