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Oct 6, 2010
midwest missouri
Hello all! I just got my first chicks:D They are all turkens and was wondering if anyone would have any advice on caring for them? They are a few days old and I have them in a box with a heat lamp round 85/90 degrees. They are eating and drinking good and peeping contentedly. Didn't know if there is any special foods or anything they might need. Thank you ahead of time. I think they are fabulous and my son says he loves their furry hats:D Is it okay to give them finely chopped fresh herbs and powdered milk? I'm especially unsure of the powdered milk thing and if so how much? Basically, as I ramble on, any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

chopped fresh herbs, that wont hurt them, so i think that would be fine, I've never heard about milk
that is a first one for me.
I have my baby Turkens on medicated feed, I'll keep them with that for the first 6 months along with what ever scraps I'll give them too, plus the free range.
Turkens are my 2nd favorite breed
They are pretty hardy birds. I too give mine medicated chick starter til about 18 weeks. If you feed them anything but chick starter make sure you give them fine grit. As far as herbs I dont know. They dont need milk. Please post pics. and most of all
I love my Turkens!
Welcome! I had 4 turken babies that are now 18 weeks old now and I just love them! I thought they were the friendliest chicks! They are also pretty darn brave. These 4 little girls are the first ones to check things out. They also chase the cats around. LOL
You will love them. I didn't give mine anything but chicke starter until about 8 weeks and then I started giving them a little yogurt, lettuce (chopped up really small) and cottage cheese.
But you will love your turkens. I think they are great!
Welcome to BYC. I wouldnt give them anything but chick starter crumbles (medicated) for now. In about 3 or 4 days add a little bit of parakeet grit in their feed.
I'm gonna try to get a pic up of my favorite chick. It's name is Red. Thank you all for your responses. I'm having a great time with these little guys:celebrate

i'm not getting it i suppose(the pic thing) either way he's the one in my avatar pic there:) have a good day all.
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welcome nacked necks can be fed like any other chick i would recomend med starter for fisrt 6weeks then grower anther that till 6month then swich to a laying ration what color of naked neck do you have?
In response to banjojoe, my chicks look to be 3 black and 3 red. One of the red ones is half the size of the others and keeps scratching a sore onto the back of his neck. He really looks like he's scratching because of dry skin. The others aren't doing it just Little Red. Any recommendations. Someone told me to put a dab of vaseline on the sore? Thanks and have a great day.

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