turken with yellow comb/wattle. I've eliminated the obvious causes - what have i missed?

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Little Ameilia has been a bit under the weather for the past 10 days. She would just kind of huddle and mope around with a droppy tail. Her comb and wattle are skin-colored - very little pink at all. She was having small, wet, bright-green poos.

    Amelia is a Turken, hatched May 2012. She laid egg beautifully through the Winter, then stopped laying in April, and we haven't seen an egg since. Other than that, she's been normal - until now.

    The whole flock was wormed with Eprinex a month ago.
    We introduced 2 new roosters 6 weeks ago. The roosters were only isolated from the flock for 1 week. They are perfectly healthy.
    The rest of the flock seems healthy.

    I have checked her for mites at night. No signs of anything
    Not egg-bound
    No sign of EYP
    No redness anywhere on her skin
    Her crop has food in it every evening and is empty in the morning.
    I have had Corid in her water for 4 days now, and I'm not noticing much difference in her. She's no worse, but no better either. She is eating a drinking a little bit.Poos are not watery. They are not well-formed either. They are small and are quite green, though not as bright green as they were.

    I'm giving her the Corid for one more day (and yes, I'm treating the whole flock just in case those roosters brought something in they weren't used to).

    My only idea for what to try next is to give her molasses in her water for 3 days after finishing the Corid to get some iron and Vit B into her, and then I'm out of ideas.
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    If she were mine I would:
    • Thorough exam which includes checking inside the vent for an egg, masses, swellings, etc.
    • Weigh daily on digital kitchen scale.
    • Dust for mites and lice with poultry dust or 5% Sevin powder even if I could not see any bugs.
    • Bring into warm house.
    • Worm with fenbendazole, not sure how effective the one you used is.
    • If losing weight and/or not drinking/eating enough she would get tube fed.

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