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    I have 3 separate parts of the barn - so that's nice :) [​IMG] Part one - Older chickens, geese, ducks and one turkey sleeps in here. [​IMG] Storage - with brooder (being used as a pen for 5 Ameraucana bantams) [​IMG] [​IMG] Silkie pen/grow out pen/broody pen/ centre for wayward chickens :gig - the other turkey sleeps in here.
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    That's not a Chicken coop that's a Chicken Hilton Do you put Mints in the nest every morning My chickens would abandon ship if they new what you had LOL.
    Great looking Barn.
    I have seen the inside of some homes that were not the neat did you spruce up just for pictures LOL.
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    Thank you very much! :D

    Yes my fiance did spruce up that weekend of this pics. It's all filled with firewood now. I miss my ample walking space! :gig

    I'd like to have some breeding pens somewhere in here. Maybe attached..
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    May 6, 2012
    Eldersburg, Maryland
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    You could put alot of laying hens in there with that much room and get a whole bunch of eggs every day. Then you could have lots of egg salad, eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, eggs florentine, pickled eggs, egg mcmuffins, etc, etc etc. LOL! and then you could sell some.[​IMG]
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    That's my goal :D

    I have a lot that are chicks. Total fitting in there right now is around 150 between the 3 pens.
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    Thought I'd share this video of one of my turkey poults flying from our oak tree :) They are crazy good fliers.
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    Oct 16, 2007
    Chelsea, MI
    chicken pickin': i really liked your coop #4. looks like it's wood pallets and a sliding door wall. do you have hardware cloth screening under the propped window? how wide is the doorway? how do you clean it out?

    we currently have15 turkeys using 2 dog kennels opened up to create a 10x20 run with a 10x8 wood pallet structure added at one end. the entire interior is covered with about 4 yards of sand. using a 20' long tree trunk (young tree), mounted on 2' logs as their roosting pole, set in the middle of the run. all my turkeys roost on it at night, and it has a good 4' safety zone perimeter in case we have racoons with long arms. we had to put down 3 turkey poults after coons reached through the tiniest of openings and removed one leg from each earlier in the spring. they are let out of the pen daily to roam a 1/8 acre fenced pasture area.
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    Mar 3, 2012
    Thank You! I love the coop so far its working out great. It is 5x9 1/2 and roughly 6' tall in the front and and 5ish' in the back. It is made mostly of pallets(the floor and 2 side walls and back wall) and then plywood to fully cover the inside. I do not have a sliding door it is a regular door that opens and closes so I can close them in at night. Yes there is hardware cloth in the opening of the window so I can leave it open at night. The doorway is probably close to 3' wide and so far for cleaning I just walk in and shovel it out the dorway into a wheelbarrow. Though soon I am going to be cutting a small door out along the floor of the back of the coop that will be on hinges with a latch to close it. That way when it is time to clean I will open the small back door and just push everything out the back of the coop into a wheelbarrow(that way I wont have to walk it all the way through the run out the gate all the way back up the hill and into the woods lol) Our run i think is roughly 12x40.

    here is the link to my build if you want to check it out https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/686677/the-start-of-our-turkey-palace-house-updated-pics

    And I love the idea about putting the roosting tree trunk in the middle of the run. I have a tree also that is going to be put up for roosting and I was going to kiddie corner it in the farthest corner of the fence from their house. I might do what you did instead. We are currently working on the top of the fence. We are putting up pvc pipes to create a high arch over the fence and then putting aviary netting over the top Just waiting on the netting to arrive. I am also putting small coop #3 inside the turkey run and turning it into a seperate nesting area for the hens.

    Id love to see your pics if you have any.
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    Oct 16, 2007
    Chelsea, MI
    the last 2 years we had put a few shorter poles in the pens but the turkeys were pretty much beating themselves up trying to get up on them each night. so this year we tried the one long pole and it has worked great. if you put it in the kiddie corner, you may invite night raiders as well as limit their wing spread as they jump up. just a thought . . .

    also, our run is covered with strong aviary netting (works great!) as well as a tarp over the top to reduce the sun. last year we used cheap blue tarps from the hardware but they weren't water proof and so when it rained outside, it rained inside. not good. this year we used a much stronger tarp, darker color, and placed some 2x6 boards every few feet. worked great, but then it trapped water and created tears where it pulled across the ends of the corrugated metal roofing. sigh. we only have them spring, summer, fall and don't have to worry about snow weight.

    i'll try to get some pics of the turkey run, but it's not a pretty coop.

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