Turkey egg hatching question

Farmgal Val

Apr 22, 2019
Central Texas
My turkey eggs are maybe about day 16 as I can see.

They are from a first year new Turkey couple.
I noticed the first eggs to this young hen the first poult was huge and healthy poults 1-5 were big and strong poults 6&7 were runts but healthy.
They are already in an outdoor outdoor area.

So now, Im hatching the hens 2nd batch of eggs but on candling these even at day 14 the egg air sacs look so small maybe only a 50cent coin in width.
I'm concerned these poults might even be runtier and weaker and will probably drown before internal pip.

I've lowered the humidity to 45percent in hopes to get the air sacks to enlarge.

Here's my thoughts....
I'm old enough to recall dyed chicks being popular at Easter years back.
They dyed them through the shell with an injection.

Would you think I might be able to suction out some of the renal or clear fluid the same way with a bright candle and a strong small syringe needle or just wait and risk loosing the last 15 poults to drowning?


May 18, 2020
Northwest Pennsylvania
I also keep my turkey eggs way lower than 45% . I dry incubate and keep it as low as I can get it. Which is normally 27-32% range. I stagger hatch in 2 little giant incubators and get pretty good hatch rates. I also have a brand new pair of turkeys I'm hatching with this year.

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