Turkey eggs and hatching

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    Apr 4, 2016
    This is crazy, I know, but someone may have seen it before. I have 4 Bourbon Red turkeys. Two are toms, two are hens. One hen lays a larger egg with few spots. The other lays the typical turkey egg, normal size, lots of brown spots. I put 9 in the incubator. Today was day 28. The 6 with the brown spots have all hatched uneventfully. The 3 from the other hen have not. Two have pipped (one was the first of all to pip). They have gone no further. First pip was over 24 hours ago. I could see the poult moving up to the past few hours. Now no movement. The other one that has pipped continues to move but is making no progress. The third has not pipped that I can see. The hatched babies have rolled it against the wall so I can't see all sides.
    I am thinking it is something to do with the hen and/or the shells. The eggs were all fertile and all developed in what appeared to be a normal fashion. I don't open the incubator and basically don't 'help' except as a last resort.
    Any thoughts? Anyone seen this before? This is my first turkey hatch ever. The hens are young, about a year old. Thanks in advance :)

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