Turkey eggs and incubating them.

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Jan 3, 2010
I am going to get some turkey eggs for hatching and need the info on the best way to go about this to get a good hatch.
Temp 99.5oF ,nut my bator is 100oF
I have a dickey 3 tray so would it be better to place them on their sides?
What is the best humidity for them?
Lock down on day 25 right?
Hatch day 27-28 ? incase what breed matters they are BLACKWINGED BRONZE TURKEY Eggs
Any info you could give me from getting them in the mail to growing out would be great!
These are my first ones and need all the help I can get from my fellow BYC members!

Oh a little off topic but I have been hard press not to bid on JimsFarmStand black turkeys too.
They are every where I go teasing me! If something falls through on these I will be hunting JimsFarmStand down for some eggs!

If they shipped poults well
would happen!
Temps and lockdown look good but you need higher humidity. 50-60% for incubation and 70-80% for lockdown. Some turkey eggs fit in the chicken trays but Mr Dickey sells turkey egg trays. Pointy end down in the turner.
Where I'm at the humidity runs around 50-55 anyway.
So all my eggs get incubated around that so no problem there.
Yep I see if I get these or any that will be on my get list along with the see through door.
Thank you for your help on the humidity %.
I was worried the normal here would be high for them.
You almost can't get the humidity too high at lockdown. I usually go at 70% or a little more at lockdown but I also drop the temp to 98.5 for lockdown. Not saying you have to do this but a temp spike at this humidity can kill a pipping poult.
I hatch everything together at 60% and have 80 to 90% hatch rates. Other factors IMO contribute to hatch rate more than micro managing humidity.
I'm using the Dickey 2x2 myself. For chickens and turkeys I keep the humidity between 50-55% (as close on 52% as I can manage) and the temperature between 99.5-100.0.

The first couple of hatches I used chicken egg trays which worked, but was space inefficient. I then bought turkey egg trays which work a lot better.

Come day 25 I bump the humidity to 65%. I hatch in egg cartons.
There is lots of eggs out their right now. I just gave away 9 dozen this week to my local future farmers. Those kids are great. I love the Blackwinged Bronze Turkeys. I wish more people would breed them. I think they are just harder to find. I think you would be happy with them. I also drop my temperature at lock down. I think it helps a lot.
We went ahead and placed a few Black eggs in our incubator with a mixture of duck, bantam and chicken eggs. Have never had any problems hatching alongside the other species. Some would argue on standing the eggs upright or on their sides. If you have an automatic turner, it really is pointless as to how you place them. If you must hand turn, it is easier to turn if they are on their side. Place an X and O on opposite sides and you just turn all the X over and the next time all the O. If you can hatch a chicken you can hatch a turkey.

Only issue is, poults are a bit more fragile. We use a plasitc tote brooder in teh house the first few days.

In other news....we can ship those eggs tomorrow!!!!!!!! We have both a BYC auction and a featherauction going.


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