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May 29, 2011
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I'm newbie as of yesterday, but I was wondering does anybody eat the turkey eggs? If so, how does it taste? Plus I've heard that you can't make cakes with them because of there size, is this true? Sorry for all the questions, this is also my first go around with turks. Actually I won't get then til June 8th.
They taste fine, just like pheasant and quail eggs, and chicken eggs. The membranes are tougher. Don't know about cooking, but I miight suggest reducing the amount of eggs used by 1/3.
Turkey eggs are great! They will sometimes equal 2 large chicken eggs! They are great for cakes! (Just like ducks eggs are) because of their large yolks... makes your cakes richer. That's what grandma always used in her cakes!
Turkey eggs are not any different than chicken eggs, just bigger. Yes, you can use them in a cake. The best bakeries use duck eggs which are about the size of a turkey egg but much richer. A friend of mine that I gave some turkeys to last year asked the same question when they started to lay this spring. He scrambed some and fed them to his family who didn't know it was turkey eggs. They didn't know the difference.
I think they definitely taste richer and more delicious than regular chicken eggs. I just had two scrambled (waay too much, so the chicks I have in the brooder benefited), and they were excellent. These were hatching eggs I ordered, and the seller sent so many extras I couldn't fit them all in the 'bator! So the surplus pair that was left out became our breakfast. They did have bullseyes showing they were fertile, but oh well, tasty!

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