Turkey feather pulling/not nice looking


Aug 31, 2018
Northwestern ontario
We started out with 11 turkeys and decided to keep a breeding trio. When all turkeys were here we had 8 toms so feather pulling and fighting was a common occurance. But now that we have processed out our birds the tom is still having feathers pulled (or pulling them himself) and just doesn't have the big beautiful backside that I had envisioned. The hens look a little rough too but not as noticeable as with the tom. They free range completely and get a 16% poultry mix (we have a mixed flock). Any tips on how we can get his feathers looking better?


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Is that blood? How old is he? Looks like new feathers coming in. Your turkeys need a higher protein ration in my opinion. 18-20%. Without enough protein they will seek out sources for it.
It is blood... I thought they needed higher protein then that, no more sending hubby into the feed store lol :lol:...
Exact directions, with a printed sheet showing brand and type, or escort the husband to the store and let him carry it. :) I recommend a flock raiser, an All Flock if you can find it. Purina makes the flock raiser.
Would barley fodder have enough protein in It? My 4 year old and I will be working on a fodder system as a homeschool science experiment
Barley ranges from 7-13% protein, so you could feed it but you would also need to feed a bit higher protein ration to offset it. A good maintenance diet should have 18% protein overall.

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