Turkey gasping and straining - eggbound?

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  1. I have a single 4-year old lilac turkey. Tonight I noticed her wings were stretched down and she was breathing through her mouth, like she was overheated, but it's cool here right now. She was also making coughing noises and her crop feels soft, like it's filled with fluid. She seemed to be straining at her back end, but when she pooed, only a thick clear substance came out. We have one sheep that likes to butt the turkey. Could being thrown cause any of this?
    Thank you for your ideas. [​IMG]
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    How is your poor girl doing?

    I hope she is better [​IMG]
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    If your sheep likes to butt the trukeys it sounds like she is injury inside. Remove her form the flock and keep a close eye on her, if something is broken inside there may not be much you can do. Sorry.[​IMG]
  4. She was fine last night and this morning, but was showing the same symptons tonight except not as bad. I also noticed that her breath smelled a little, and her crop was mushy again. She likes to eat pieces of garbage like plastic and paper; could this have caused her to get cropbound or something?
    It's so frustrating when you have no idea what's going on.[​IMG]
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    Does she have access to grit (for the yucky things she likes to eat) - it will help you be sure she has all she needs for her gizzard to grind.

    Oyster shells - does she have free access to oyster shells? Oyster shells help make sure she has enough calcium in her body/system. Eggs require an incredible amount of calcium to form a good shell, plus calcium is need for the muscles to work properly so she can expel an egg.
  6. She eats small pebbles when she's free ranging. Would that be enough grit?
    OR could she be laying internally?
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    They should be.

    She could be internally laying I guess (just guessing). Has she been laying and now she is not? Can you get a look at her vent? Are there any wet feathers, drainage or egg parts?

    She could also be injured from the butting sheep. She is very likely bruised at the least. Maybe something is broken - a rib? Can you get her into a different pen or move the sheep?

    How does she feel weight wise?
  8. She's very heavy, and always has been. She is doing fine now, but I don't think she is laying eggs. I don't think it was the sheep anymore.
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    What do you think is happening?

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