Turkey growth


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Feb 3, 2009
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I am getting turkeys soon. Next month!

I am getting Narragansetts and was wondering HOW FAST THEY GROW

If you have size comparisons week to week PICS ARE GREAT

And when can they defend and be safe against hawks. I heard you put them outside at 12-15 weeks old. They aren't supposed to leave brooder until 7 weeks *(immune systems) and no bugs until 8 weeks. If these are wrong or off, please let me know.
Those are the average guidelines for brooding and penning yes.

Some folks do it differently and it works for them.

They don't grow huge fast the first three weeks but after that they start rocketing.

Turkeys must be on 28% or higher gamebird starter.

And by 12-13 weeks they start getting to be chunky monkeys who can eat their weight in feed I swear.

Most of mine start ranging the backyard at 8-10 weeks and so far no losses, the only sick poult one who got trapped against the wire and spent an unknown amount of time stuck without food or water.

She's still managing to make it, just wants a lot more time in momma's arms on my lap.

Good luck with the babies.

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