Turkey hens


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5 Years
Sep 11, 2014
My turkrys are 3 years old. One female will spend a lot of time laying in nesting box actually 24/7 I have to get her out of box and push her out to outside to range. She used to lay eyes but none in last month but she still lays on ground all time. Even at night. Does not roost I have to use a broom to get her up because she will attack me if I try to get her up. She would b content to lay there forever.
It's funny this turkey would never lay down before by the mail my other female would but this one would ignore him and now this one is down all the time I have to chase it with a broom to get her to graze outside of pen in the morning I don't know if this will stop automatically after a while or whether there something I need to do about it

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