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    We bought our Turkeys last June, when we thought we were moving to the farm in July. We ended up not moving until the beginning of September, so we found ourselves going around with the cart before the horse playing catch up on housing for them, adding as we went along until we got them temporarily situated into the layer coop.

    Then as the case goes with chicken math, we had to start on chicken housing for the big batch of eggs I hatched. LOL But then breeding season started up and the Toms decided they hated each other, so last Saturday we got to it with the last stall in the barn. We set the run posts, cut the pop doors, built a divider wall (solid at the bottom to prevent bickering through fence) and built the door for between the pens. We installed 1 pair with the divider door off to separate them. I had a small pen to use in the mean time but it was uber temporary, just a tarp covered off-shoot from the main run.

    Once we have the runs done we'll install the divider door and move the other pair over from the coop. Just need it to quit raining long enough to set 2 more posts for the gate frames!

    This crew... They were raised together. The Bourbon Red hen is light colored but large, so I paired her with the bigger Black tom for meat from the babies. Incubator has 21 eggs going.


    Big Red the main trouble maker, with his pretty lady friend. They're not as big as the others but they're unrelated. He's a brother to the lighter hen, another reason I paired them that way. They got to go back to freedom after the other pair was removed from the main coop/run.


    Set up in their new digs! She was trying to go broody already, hoping the move disrupted that so that she'll start laying again.


    First time for the pullets seeing a Turkey. This little girl wasn't scared!

    Outside. Corners all have 4x4 posts cemented in, steel stakes will make up the rest. Each inside pen will get a 15x25' run. Another pop door is on the right side from the one pictured. A people door will go in where the middle window is. The right side of the barn will be turned into a dry lot, roughly 25x30', where the pasture ties in for the little pigs.


    The runs will get 6ft tall welded fence, with wire strung across the top to prevent fly overs. Will have to lock them up every night in case something wants to climb over.
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    looks great! Building my coop in the next couple weeks the ground is finally not frozen here in NY but I could do without the rain haha

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