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Aug 31, 2008
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Ok for you Turkey Lover, maybe ya can help a part timer farmer , I have 20 turkeys that I raising this yrs an assortment of 5 difference breeds ,
BB Bronz turkeys ......BB White turkeys .....Burbon Red Turkeys ......Royal Plam Turkeys .....and the Eastern wild Turkeys

My questions is as following ;
1. I know the BB White are mostly an all white meat turkey big breasted and won’t breed natural

2 . the BB Bronz and the Eastern Wild are mostly dark meat bird and the BB Bronz will not breed naturally ...........but the wild eastern turkeys will

3. now what about Burbon Reds .... Royal Palms hows the meat white or dark meat .....will there breed naturally

any quick infor. Would be greatly appreciated on these turkeys breeds the books I have really don’t get into breeding or meat color infor .

Yes I prefer white meat over dark meat on my turkeys
Looking for this infor . so I can fine out what turkeys I will order for next spring due to can’t breed my own



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Apr 5, 2008
Hastings, Nebraska
Our BB bronze was mostly breast meat which is white meat. the legs were dark meat and the thighs kind of mixed. It was the same for the Great whites, but the thighs are defenetly white meat.

BB bronze and Great White have a lot of trouble breading because of there large chest and short legs. I have heard it is possible to get some frertile eggs from a BB Bronze but unlikely if they are not artificially inseminated.

Most heritage turkeys are the same as for meat Breast are white meat legs are dark, the thighs vary some what but usually lean towards white meat.

One of the requirements to be called a heritiage Bread of turkey is that they Mate Naturally. so yes

One one of the threads here there is a link to a taste test for turkey that was held a couple of years ago. and of course I didn't save the link.

But Burbon Reds where rate one of the highest for taste, and they do bread naturally.
Burbon Red , Royal Palm Turkeys, and Eastern wild Turkeys do bread naturally since they are considered Heritage breeds.


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May 18, 2008
Central NY
I don't know about taste yet (my turkeys are still young), but I did look into natural fertility and personality when I chose my breeds. The Palms are gentle, as are the Blue Slates. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the lighter the color, the less wild the breed which would mean more white meat. I chose the Pencilled Palms, Auburns, Bourbon Reds as my breeding stock of heritage turkeys (had to go with what was available).

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