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Apr 23, 2009
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During the mating season do the hens lay exclusively with one favorite tom or might they have 2 or more "favorite toms". Suspect the latter but am not sure.
Good question... I don't have an answer but would love to find out as well. I have 9 young Bourbon Reds and it is looking like there is only one "girl" in the whole bunch, I am wondering if it is safe to keep her with that many "boys" or if I should put her and one of them in another area. There is possibly one more that may be female but even in that case the gals will be "outnumbered" and I am wondering if they might wind up injured by too much attention from the toms?
My hens will lay out in front of a particular tom, but it's usually whoever muscles his way in to do the job that gets the girl. It's not always the same tom.
I have watched the same thing happen here. Once the hen lays down and is ready she doesn't take much notice as to who is mounting. The only difference I have seen is with the dominate tom, nobody cuts in on him.

Steve in NC
I agree with what already has been said. My concern, especially for you, Marion, is that there will be a LOT of fighting amongst your males if you keep the hen or hens in with them. I would watch to see which male your hen is attracted to and then separate them out. Or else pick the male you want to be your breeding tom and separate them out.

I've actually had males KILL another male. I've also had hens fight with each other, with one putting her head down the other hen's throat. So I have kept my mated pairs in separate pens.

Good luck to you. Let us know what works for you.
Thank you Old Rebel... that is exactly what I wanted to know! I will start paying attention and see which tom the hen seems to gravitate toward and make them a pen of their very own! The other toms can stay together until time for freezer camp or I find someone interested in buying them, so far they all get along well but I know that can't last forever... smiles.
so are pairs the best (safest) arrangement for turkeys? I was thinking of doing that anyhow, before I read this post, but now I am feeling more strongly that that would be a good idea. I thought the tom would just breed her to death maybe if there was only one hen.

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