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Aug 14, 2013
I am new to female turkeys so know nothing about egg production or hatching etc. I have one male and two new females. They have just started to lay eggs randomly around the coop. I have seen the tom trying to have his way with them, but not sure if successful. Should I be taking the eggs or leaving them in there for them to sit on? And should I be making a 'nest' or an area for them to do this? Also, can the male stay in the same coop when and if they are nesting? And one more probably silly question, how long does it take for chicks to hatch? If anyone has some advice on this area that would be fantastic.
Laying eggs around the coop? Is the nest in the safe place or not? If the eggs are in a safe place you could probably leave them to see if she will sit on her eggs. It takes 28 days for the eggs to hatch. I have a different philosophy about male anything (turkeys, ducks, roosters, etc. etc.) I NEVER leave the males with the eggs or newly hatched chicks. Others have a different opinion but that 's just me.

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