turkey noise


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
I have a small backyard coop in the city. Naighbours on all 4 sides. I have 2 hens and am considering expanding my coop and adding a turkey in the spring. Are they any louder than a hen.that is my only concern is it would drive my naighbours nuts all summer.
If you are looking to raise one, or two, for the table (Broad Breasted - only a few months occupancy) that might be doable. Maybe a Midget White would be possible as well.

I'd not bother with any large heritage varieties. Hens can `whoot' incessantly if something isn't to their satisfaction and the toms are, well, they will answer/comment loudly on just about any `noise'/voice/etc. that is the slightest bit unfamiliar. Of course they fly, very high and wide, with the greatest of ease (undoubtedly landing with a paint scratching glide, onto the roof of some neighbor's car).
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I love my turkeys, but if I lived in a neighborhood, I definitely would not keep any. They can fly into trees, they street, onto rooftops, cars, bikes, patios, etc. They poop everywhere they go and chase cars, bikes, motorcycles, kids, etc. It would be getting into lots of trouble with the neighbors, for sure.

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