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    Mar 10, 2009
    My son is raising 8 bronze turkeys for 4-H. They are almost 4 weeks old and seem to be doing well. We keep them in a brooder cage under heat at night and put them in an outside pen during the day. We change the bedding in the indoor brooder daily and are feeding a 24% commmercial turkey starter ration. We have noticed for about a week that their stools are very loose and 3-4 times I have seen little flecks of red in stools. Twice in the last week I have seen brick red stools. I have been reading up on turkey diseases and am trying to decide whether I should be treating these birds for coccidiosis. I have read that some people treat preventively but I am not sure what to use. I kept turkeys years ago and it seems I used teramycin. The book I have says to use a coccidiastat or sulfonamide. Anybody know what works best in turkey poults, where to get it and how much to use in a small flock?
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