Turkey Poop


In the Brooder
6 Years
May 13, 2013
I recently introduced new chickens into my flock, and i know i do not have black head in my soil, but i still worry. One of my turkey's poops was very large and very dark, and spread out.
just wondering if this is a sign of blackhead, I mean she eats fine still and everything, isn't skinny or lethargic, so i might just be overreacting. Her head is kinda blue though. IT's always kind of been like that.
I think its just what shes been eating my two girls commonly have very different poos , sometimes their solid with lots of white and other times their not so solid and very dark i dont think there is any need for concern.
Okay thanks so much! I'm just an over concerned turkey mom. She's like my puppy but a turkey.
That is fully nderstandable i adore my turkeys so much my poor girl Fredy (we thought she was a he) got a crooked beak when she was little and i was so paniced i didnt know what to do, their so lovable!

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