Turkey poults for sale! Farm pick up in Spotsylvania County, Virginia

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    Mar 28, 2010
    I have about 30 Beltsville/Heritage Bronze cross poults left for sale. They are all 3 weeks of age and under at $8 each. After a month old price will go up. I have more hatching so I will sell a dozen at $85.
    I have two one year old hens for sale that are Bronze with beautiful white splash from the Beltsville crossing. They are $60 each. Have been laying almost daily! In the sitting mood right now.
    I have a one year old pure Heritage Bronze Tom for sale at $60 too. He is very well mannered. Farm pick up only, we do not ship. Located near the Spotsylvania Courthouse in Spotsylvania Virginia. Thanks!

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    Do you have any of these left? I'll take 10 of them if you do. I live in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. and can drive down there and pick them up. Was planning on going to Fredericksburg to visit my grandchildren anyway.

    Please let me know. My email is: [email protected]


  3. mrgreenjeans53

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    Make that 12 of them since they are 12 for $85

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