Turkey poults not hatching on their own. Green stuff in the bottom of the shells. Help, what does th


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6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
So far I have had 3 turkeys hatch from about 20 eggs. Most of them were developing and then just stopped moving the close to hatch time I got and then did not hatch/try to hatch. The first one that hatched came out with no problems and is about 1 1/2 old right now. In the last week I have had only two others pip the shell but never got any farther than that and I had to hlep them out by zipping around the top and helping them out the rest of the way. The first one seamed to be fine and then just died the next morning suddenly. The second one started to zip but couldn't get any farther so I had to help it out also but it had and issue with the stomach where it wasn't formed all the way and was wide open, couldn't stand up at all so I had to cull it. I did notice in the two that died that there was some green pebbly looking stuff on the bottom of the egg. Does anyone know what this could be?
The temp and humidity has been correct and steady,the whole time, I don't get what is going wrong????

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