Turkey poults what do I have?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by silverfilly, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Reieved my 20 hatchery choice turkeys today, I had wanted midget whites but all they had this week was the hatchery choice. Looking on feather site I know I have 5 burbon reds. I also have 5 white ones but one I dont think is going to make it. The white ones all have blue eyes, I remember reading that one of the white breeds had blue eyes anyone know what one that is? The other 10 are "wild" color, the choices for them would be BBB, Rio grand, Eastern wild, naragnasat, or normal bronze, or even black but I dont know what color blacks are born. Anyway for me to tell the difference?
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    Dec 18, 2008
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    Quote:White birds with blue eyes can be White Hollands.

    If the others look like wilds you can rule out the blacks as they are black with white faces when poults.

    But that leaves you with all the other choices. They can be either one or all of the other choices you gave. Give them a couple weeks and should be able to start telling the differences between them.
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    The only white feathered variety a hatchery would have would be BBW, Midget White or White Holland. If they were BBW they would be the largest poults in your order. If they are Hollands they will weigh more than the other poults. The Holland is a large turkey and they are heavy boned. If Midgets they should be smaller. You can't really go by eye color. There is no APA standard for the Midget Whites so they can be either eye color. On the Hollands the APA standard calls for brown eyes. Birds from a hatchery could be either color. The original eye color of the bird is blue, a sky blue. There are only two breeders that I know of that are breeding for the original blue eye color, us and Kevin Porter. If you can post some pictures we may be able to help more as we raise all 3 of the white feathered varieties. Midgets, Hollands and Beltsville Small Whites.


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