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    We're thinking of getting a few turkeys. Don't know anything about them. We do have chickens, ducks, geese. So we do have some experience with poultry.
    What kind of shelter do they need? Will they free range cooperatively with the other birds? Do they eat the same feed? Which breeds are "heritage" breeds (We'd like to raise "slow food" turkeys). How long do you raise them? Can probably think of a hundred more questions, but if anyone can just help us out on these, we'd be most grateful.

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    Quote:I have chickens, ducks and geese in the same shelter as my turkeys. My baby turkeys get 28-30% protein turkey gamebird starter. My breeders get turkey breeder. All my birds in the breeding pen get the same feed, so the chickens and all eat their food too.

    Porters webs site tells you what a heritage turkey is. He has many of the different colors. http://www.porterturkeys.com/heritageturkeydefined.htm

    ALBC website also has lots of educational turkey advice. Take a look at the site. http://www.albc-usa.org/EducationalResources/downloads.html

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