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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by DaKid, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    Ok as of now I have about 9 different breeds of Turkeys -----Self Blues , Royal Plams ----Chololates -------Whites ------Red Burbon -----Red Brown Bronze -----Starndard Bronze ( bk in color) ------Narr. Turkeys ( which have a grayish /Blk color ) --------Golden Narr. (Golden /tan color ).
    I will be breeding all of the above for next Spring 2011 , I would like to add some Bk Spanish -----Rio Grande Wild and Eastern Wild Turkeys .
    My question is this is they a big color difference between the Easten Wild and The Rio Grande Wild Breeds will I be able to tell them apart....... or are the feather coloring basely the same ................

    Why I ask is the Red Bronze VS the Starndard Bronze the color difference is the R B as more of a reddish brown color with a wing band of brownish red color where as the starnderd bronze are more of a Black color with a whitish /grey band in the wing ..........

    Just like I have seem the Narr. Turkeys have come in a Slate Grey Color and some are more darker grey to black with a band on the wing color of whiteish grey .......

    ok does this sound right ....Now what about the true color of the Rio Granda VS the Wild Eastern Turkey....................Pic on the net really don'tdo justices

    what ur thourgths ..........I'm really getting into raising Turkeys this last year and a half LOLOLOL

  2. DaKid

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    Aug 31, 2008
    Berkley , Ma.
    MMMM , NO Reply [​IMG]
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    You will have a tough time finding true Easterns or Rio Grande turkeys. I would say 95% of people who say that is what they have ar just crosses with standard bronze. Like most who say they have Ameracauna chickens really have an easter egger cross. The Eastern tom do have a fan that is almost black. They both have very dark legs, almost black but with a pinkish tint. Birds you see with tan legs are just bronze turkeys. Look on the NWTF website and read the descriptions and look at the pics. Also you need to check with your states game laws and see if you can own them or need a permit and what their requirements are for keeping them.
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    Go to Porter Turkeys if you have color questions. They have the genetics down well and they have photo's of chicks in down to help id colors. It's also important to note that some colors are a result of a particular mix that may or may not always breed true to color. In other words, some colors will produce chicks of 2 or three different colors in one hatch and those chicks will breed true. There's not enough time to get into the color genetics here but they have a very good website if you're interested.
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    Quote:I didn't know Porters had Wild turkeys also, cool.

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    DaKid Have you made sure both of those wild varieties are leagal to own in your area ? Here in Ga, the Easterns are our local strain and are illegal for us to own but really any animal native to Ga. is technically illegal to own here. But Boggy Bottom Bantams in Hahira Ga. has the other three strains of wilds, so you may want to contact him for the Rio Grandes if you can get them. I belive Jody and Charlie Hink (hinkjc and Wilds of Pa ) on here have the Easterns.
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    There is someone here selling a "mated pair" of Rio Grande turkeys for like $300... I always wondered if that's what they REALLY were, there are no pics either...
  8. DaKid

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    Aug 31, 2008
    Berkley , Ma.
    Thanks Everyone for all ur replys, and yes I have check out Porters web site and it's a really great site ,just wish they had better close up of the adults Turkeys both male and females , but I have read and seen all of his breeds and specks .
    I going to have to retake some more pictures of my Turkeys and repost them here , seeing my main computer crash with most of all my older pic.'s [​IMG]

    But thanks again

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