Turkey Vultures odd behavior?


12 Years
Feb 15, 2008
Ever since I lost one of my wyandottes a couple of weeks ago to a red tailed hawk, I have been extra careful and extra wary when they are free-ranging in the am and pm. So, this is what I have noticed over the last couple of days.

The turkey vultures (about 8-10 of them) seem to be flying lower than usual and circling the girls when they are out. Up until now, they have never presented a problem, and maybe it isn't a problem now....but

would turkey vultures go after live chickens?

Thanks for your experience.
Vultures are normally thought of as scavengers, but there have been alot of reports of vulture attacks over the last few years.

Be careful.
you dont have to worry about turkey vultures black buzzards which are smaller will kill when there hungry never had one kill a chicken and we have more comr around each year.
turkey vultures cant grab a chicken . they arent a bird of pray . they are related to stoks an ibises . Thier feet are just like chicken and turkey's feet . the can prob smell you chickens poop witch smels bad and is what ttracks vultures . they are not a threat to your birds at all . I work ata wildlife sancuary/rescue and they have vultures . Hope this helps
My kids aren't bothered by the turkey vulture at all, but show them a hawk, crow, magpie, piliated woodpecker or a plane and they are running for cover and making sure everyone in the neighborhood knows that there's something in the air.
Most people don't think of these as migrating birds, but they actually do some migrating. We had a news story on these a few nights ago here. Alot of folks are seeing them in their yards and around their homes. It was reported that they were just making stopovers. It was quite a coincedence, as today we passed a house that had a few sitting in a home's front yard, while several were flying over head. They weren't feeding, just hanging around resting.

Don't know if this is whats going on in your case, but just putting it out there.

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