Turkeys, 2 weeks old`

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    I started with 70 white BB turkeys. I lost maybe 20...5 covered by the hatchery. Most of the others i believe suffocated here and there while they were huddling, despite the 1rst week temp being 90-98 degrees. Everyone looks good now though. Chicks are eating like pihrana. Feeding Meat Maker and H20 containing a vitamin and electrolyte supplement- NO medicated feed. Everyone has begun feathering out, and in a few weeks Ill begin selling my feathered out poults locally. Got to say I used Meyer Hatchery for the first time- prices and service were spot on. Goin to make some money from the whites, and order some chocolates to breed. I would also like to do some cornish chickens, they do well at auction. in about 2 weeks I will add some cracked corn to diet. I am working on planting a "turkey pasture"- mostly of clovers, alfalfa,timothy and orchard grasses.- planting about a 3,000 sq ft plot. This i think should off set feed cost. I am using low cost orange construction fence to fence in the plot. Turkeys will go out there in the day to forage, and only eat feed in morning.
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